Californian Adventure!

The next 21 days this blog will be updated with numerous posts from my Californian Adventure Part II..
While Part I was never published Part II will tell the story of my 3-week long work placement in the lovely state of California!

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The Gingers – a race close to eradication?

Not only is Ginger a spice, medicine and a delicacy, it is also a species, a race.
We have Blacks, Whites,
Asians, Caucasians and then we have Gingers, a rare species. Representing 1,5 percent of the world’s population they are not an endangered species, yet.. but still outnumbered by all other races. There are no specific data showing were in the world The Gingers have their habitat, but research has shown that the countries with the highest incident of Gingers yet known are Scotland and Ireland with a Ginger-concentration of nearly 10 percent of the total population.

There are no official definition of a Ginger published yet, but the one that is acknowledged the most is this:

“A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles Continue reading

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God hates us all!

Needless to say I aint Christian, I don’t believe in god, actually I don’t believe in religion at all. Neither does Hank Moody, the main character in Californication!
I have just finished off the last episode of Californication Season 3, I have watched all episodes over a period of a month and i must confess, it never gets boring…
The story takes place in Los Angeles, CA present time. The main character Hank Moody played by David Duchovny is a stereotype of the shabby author-type; laid-back, arrogant and doesn’t care what other people think of him.

Basically the whole Continue reading

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Clash of nations

Nationalism is a funny thing, and if you ask different people what their definition of nationalism is, I bet you will get a lot of different answers. I just recently discovered that my definition of nationalism wasn’t the right one, not at all. I have always thought that nationalism was the love for your country and your willingness to sacrifice for it; it turns out that is the definition of patriotism. According to the dictionary nationalism is the way citizens identify themselves with the state or nation they live in.

I’m not a Brit so it’s hard for me to know how the Britons feel connected to their nation. But Continue reading

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Warning! “May contain traces of nuts”

This morning I discovered that the jar of peanut butter in my refrigerator  had a small so far unseen disclaimer on its label saying; “May contain traces of nuts”
It really made me think of what kind of crazy world we live in… having to make disclaimers for everything trying to prevent getting sued by all the greedy consumers trying to make money on finding loopholes in disclaimers on different products..

Like the woman who sued a microwave manufacturer for not writing that she couldn’t heat up her cat in the microwave after it had been out in rainy weather.. or the man who sued McDonald’s after he had spilled hot coffee, evidently not knowing it was hot at all..
In one of the most extreme cases Continue reading

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When Saints Go Machine!

This might sound like some kind of weird religious sci-fi-cult… well… it’s not..
In fact When Saints Go Machine is a band, a really great one!

I was at a party yesterday.       We had started extremely early, in the middle of the afternoon, at the Friday café at my college.
At 8 o’clock people started talking about what to do for the rest of the night. As you can imagine 15 drunk young individuals doesn’t easily agree on what to do on a Friday night!

So after a brief discussion a classmate of mine suddenly reminds me that When Saints Go Machine is giving a live concert at one of Denmark’s best scenes; Little Vega in Copenhagen! With only half an hour to showstart we quickly ran to catch the train and arrived at Vega 8:45, just 15 minutes before scheduled start.

We quickly Continue reading

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”Glocal” is the new global. During the past centuries, the world as we know it has changed dramatically, you may ask why? Aside from technology and inventions there is still the most important factor left; Globalization! In modern history communication technology has developed in a way a non-enlightened person could never imagine. If you had taken a man living under the 2nd World War and sent him 60 years forward in time, he would have dropped dead, literally speaking. He wouldn’t be able to Continue reading

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Calming melodies from Norway!

If you feel like expanding your musical horizon, close your eyes, kick back in your best chair and relax to the calming and well composed melodies of Norwegian artist Thomas Dybdahl!

I first heard Thomas Dybdahl in Vega, Denmark and from first track i was amazed by his abilities; his way of controlling his voice is just incomparable to anything I’ve heard!
I have always been a huge fan of artists like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, i love their music simply because it is relaxing and well written, i still do… But if you compare them to Thomas Dybdahl, Thomas Dybdahl is a way better artist, he has better voicecontrol and he play a lot of different instruments equally brilliant.

If you like calming tunes made by artists like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz & Joshua Radin, i bet you will get exited when you hear this Scandinavian fella express himself (in English).

So check out the following hand-picked tracks and tell me what you think!

Cecilia – Thomas Dybdahl

B A Part – Thomas Dybdahl

One Day You’ll Dance For My, New York City – Thomas Dybdahl

My absolute favorite – This Year

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

/Anton B. Zeuthen

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Living in the age of stupid!

The Age of Stupid

Image via Wikipedia

There’s no doubt.. we live in the age of stupid…
I have just seen the documentary “The Age of Stupid” and i got absolutely blown away.. the movie is well structured, very informative and without doubt the least boring documentary i have ever seen..

Without ruining the movie i can tell you that it takes place in a future not to far far away, on a planet not far far away (planet earth).. but enough years have passed to have left our beautiful planet in a pretty bad condition…

The documentary is Continue reading

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Back again!

Hi everyone..

I will start saying that i am sorry for being absent this weekend.. i have been on a trip with my college so i have had no access to the internet since Friday!

I am back and i will start posting again tomorrow, beginning with “Living in The Age of Stupid” So drop by tomorrow and be enlightened!

Anton B. Zeuthen

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