Living in the age of stupid!

The Age of Stupid

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There’s no doubt.. we live in the age of stupid…
I have just seen the documentary “The Age of Stupid” and i got absolutely blown away.. the movie is well structured, very informative and without doubt the least boring documentary i have ever seen..

Without ruining the movie i can tell you that it takes place in a future not to far far away, on a planet not far far away (planet earth).. but enough years have passed to have left our beautiful planet in a pretty bad condition…

The documentary is interesting because it uses flashbacks and real-life news to tell the story of the last couple of years until present year 2010 and uses scientific research to predict what is going to happen between 2010 and present year in the movie (2065) if we do not change our way of living and reduce our CO2 quotas!

If you don’t like documentaries don’t worry, The Age of Stupid is much more than that… i would tend to call it a “moviementary” (a mix of a documentary and a normal fictional movie) because it has a plot..

If you want to watch the movie but don’t want to pay for it, you can follow my freshly released “learn how to download guide” on link it is easy, quick and free!

(If you know how to download you can use the following link to get directly to “The Age of Stupid on )

/Anton B. Zeuthen

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