Calming melodies from Norway!

If you feel like expanding your musical horizon, close your eyes, kick back in your best chair and relax to the calming and well composed melodies of Norwegian artist Thomas Dybdahl!

I first heard Thomas Dybdahl in Vega, Denmark and from first track i was amazed by his abilities; his way of controlling his voice is just incomparable to anything I’ve heard!
I have always been a huge fan of artists like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, i love their music simply because it is relaxing and well written, i still do… But if you compare them to Thomas Dybdahl, Thomas Dybdahl is a way better artist, he has better voicecontrol and he play a lot of different instruments equally brilliant.

If you like calming tunes made by artists like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz & Joshua Radin, i bet you will get exited when you hear this Scandinavian fella express himself (in English).

So check out the following hand-picked tracks and tell me what you think!

Cecilia – Thomas Dybdahl

B A Part – Thomas Dybdahl

One Day You’ll Dance For My, New York City – Thomas Dybdahl

My absolute favorite – This Year

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/Anton B. Zeuthen

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