”Glocal” is the new global. During the past centuries, the world as we know it has changed dramatically, you may ask why? Aside from technology and inventions there is still the most important factor left; Globalization! In modern history communication technology has developed in a way a non-enlightened person could never imagine. If you had taken a man living under the 2nd World War and sent him 60 years forward in time, he would have dropped dead, literally speaking. He wouldn’t be able to imagine the changes that had happened to the world. In comparison the 1940’s would look like mediaeval.

Communication made the globalization take progress at such an aggressive speed that when we look at our world today “global” doesn’t even fit anymore, “global” has become “glocal” the mix of the words global and local. When we look at the world today, a normal businessman will be able to be present in all the greatest capitals in the world in only one day; he’ll wake up in London, be in Washington by noon and even be able to take a few pit stops before he finishes up in Tokyo by lunch. All the new tools the job-sector has been given be communication technology has made it possible for everyone to commute with the world instantly and nearly free of charge. I know an American who is the economic executive of a microchip company in the Silicon Valley. He manages administrating over 10 factories spread all over Asia, and he only leaves his office twice a year to visit them, and that isn’t even a necessity, that’s a formality! The only downside is that he needs to be up early or late frequently to take conference calls, due to the different time zones around the world.

I think the tendency for an increased amount of people to work abroad in foreign countries is not only due to communication but also because of the increased ability to transport all over the globe; quick, easy and comfortable. Also for each generation passing, people get more and more detached to their families, more and more people leave their native country and move abroad because they find a job, fall in love or maybe both. I also think many people move to foreign countries because they fall in love, then they’ll move “over there” and, of course, they need a job to live, so they get one. So I also suspect relationships as a factor of the increased emigration. The disadvantages of moving far away from your family isn’t as bad as they used to be, due to the fairly fast and cheap transportation system you can celebrate Christmases, birthdays and even weekends with your family. And if you’re one of the most privileged maybe you’re workplace pays the ticket for you. Today we see an increasing amount of pay raises and benefits for people who are willing to come work for a company abroad, for example, the American executive I know, his wife’s workplace pays the whole family ticket to go to Denmark at holidays and special occasions because his wife is born and raised in Denmark.

I think “Glocalization” is good to some extent. I think it’s great that countries become more and more multicultural, mostly because I like foreigners, but also because most nations are likely not to attack countries with a large percentage of their own “children” living there. Of course the “global-/glocalization” has its downside’s; “one’s bread is another’s death” a very known quote says, and I think that fits this topic very well, the more attractive a nation is to work in the more positive immigration the nation will receive.
So to summarize I believe that the increased “Globalization” is a good thing, as long as it’s balanced and in limited amounts.

/Anton B. Zeuthen

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2 Responses to Global-/Glocalization

  1. Damon Hart says:

    down from a peak of 88 million per year in 1989. By 2000, there were approximately ten times as many people on Earth as there had been in 1700. According to data from the CIA’s 2005–2006 World Factbooks , the world population increased by an average of 203,800 people every day in the mid-2000s.

  2. Doll says:

    Damn, I wish I could think of somhneitg smart like that!

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