When Saints Go Machine!

This might sound like some kind of weird religious sci-fi-cult… well… it’s not..
In fact When Saints Go Machine is a band, a really great one!

I was at a party yesterday.       We had started extremely early, in the middle of the afternoon, at the Friday café at my college.
At 8 o’clock people started talking about what to do for the rest of the night. As you can imagine 15 drunk young individuals doesn’t easily agree on what to do on a Friday night!

So after a brief discussion a classmate of mine suddenly reminds me that When Saints Go Machine is giving a live concert at one of Denmark’s best scenes; Little Vega in Copenhagen! With only half an hour to showstart we quickly ran to catch the train and arrived at Vega 8:45, just 15 minutes before scheduled start.

We quickly bought some of the last available tickets, put our jackets in the wardrobe and sprinted towards stage to find… a nearly abandoned concert hall. Confused we toke place up front at the edge of the stage and waited for something to happen… At 9 pm a DJ walks in and starts playing chillaxed tracks to warm people up… For about an hour we just sat there waiting in excitement with the booze and adrenaline flowing trough our veins listening to the soft electronic music flowing from the speakers… Finally at 10.13 pm the light is switched off and the band finally walks in to a concert hall filled to the edge with screaming cheering fans..

The next 90 minutes When Saints Go Machine reminded everyone present why they have achieved so much success over such a short period and clearly proved that the honor of opening The Orange Stage at The Roskilde Festival 2010 was well-deserved!

After the concert me and my friend went downstairs to the merchandise shop where the artists themselves always are to find after the concerts; selling t-shirts, EP’s, CD’s and signing autographs to all the drooling fans.. After the concert my friend had snatched the lead singers track list which were left on stage, so of course we went to the shop to get it signed by lead singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild. He signed it, added the comment                 “Many thanks boys” beneath his signature and said that it was nice to see how we really went crazy during the whole concert. Surprisingly enough he had noticed us being in the front row during the whole concert, constantly dancing, constantly moving!

Signed tracklist - When Saints Go Machine

Signed tracklist - When Saints Go Machine

At the end of the concert Nikolaj had announced that this sadly had been the last concert before a longer break in live performances.. Surprised to hear this announcement I briefly questioned keyboard player Simon Muschinsky why they had chosen to stop giving concerts in the near future? Not surprisingly he answered that the band is working on their second album and that they need to focus on the future release..

If I were to critic this live performance I would rate it no less than divine; the performance was fantastic, the tracks extremely well composed and the sound nothing less than brilliant.. the atmosphere; indescribable!

This performance is to be rated 6/6! 

If you feel like listening to some of their music just click the following link to get to their Myspace profile, there you will find 4 of their best tracks!


I love all of their tracks but by own personal favorite have to be Spitting Image which is an amazing recording!

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/Anton B. Zeuthen

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