God hates us all!

Needless to say I aint Christian, I don’t believe in god, actually I don’t believe in religion at all. Neither does Hank Moody, the main character in Californication!
I have just finished off the last episode of Californication Season 3, I have watched all episodes over a period of a month and i must confess, it never gets boring…
The story takes place in Los Angeles, CA present time. The main character Hank Moody played by David Duchovny is a stereotype of the shabby author-type; laid-back, arrogant and doesn’t care what other people think of him.

Basically the whole series is about Hank trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend Karen with whom he’s deeply in love and has a child with. Every time he succeeds, he is instantly being seduced by some insanely hot woman, and yes he is seduced, he doesn’t seduce them! In the show Hank is this “girl whisperer” who attract every girl in a radius of 5 miles, and most often he gets away with it even though he acts like a jerk…

The show might sound a little monotone, but in fact Hank’s affairs with various women and his best friend and agent Runkle’s problems, takes them down roads so hilarious and surrealistic that you can’t even imagine… Everything from accidentally fucking your
ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s way to young daughter, picture what trouble that might cause… To educating a classroom where you have slept with the T.A, one of the students, the deans wife and your ex-girlfriend…

The story is not only about sex, drinking and cleaning up the mess you just made… There are layers beneath the surface, theme’s that doesn’t shine through at first glance…

So if you haven’t done so yet, check out the show (you can download it at http://oneclickseriez.com/?s=californication – you can use my “Learn to download” tutorial for TV-shows at this site as well as movies) but remember to start from the beginning, otherwise you will lose track of the story and miss out on a lot.

This is the first scene from the first episode released, watch it as a teaser! (The teaser might present the series as a little to unrealistic. But be aware what you see might not be true)


/Anton B. Zeuthen

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