About me

Location of Denmark

The location of Denmark (Blue)

Hi everyone!

Once again thank you for reading my blog, i hope you enjoy it!

As you probably (hopefully) have figured out by know there’s a reason why my blog is named “The Youthless Mind”… Guess what, im young!
A little about myself; My name is Anton, i am 18 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark
As most people at my age I am studying in order to get the 20th century invention we call a career.
I have started this blog because I love to write and with my limited spare time, I figured this as a good way to write down all the things i had passing through my head.

If you have comments or criticism for my posts, feel free to mail me whenever you like. Although i need to say that if you in any way discriminated or in other ways hurt be my writing i can’t take any responsibility for that, this is a blog and i might express personal maybe controversial opinions during my writing!

I guess there’s not much else to say than I hope you enjoy my blog!

Happy Reading

Best Regards

Anton B. Zeuthen


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