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The Gingers – a race close to eradication?

Not only is Ginger a spice, medicine and a delicacy, it is also a species, a race. We have Blacks, Whites, Asians, Caucasians and then we have Gingers, a rare species. Representing 1,5 percent of the world’s population they are not an endangered species, … Continue reading

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Warning! “May contain traces of nuts”

This morning I discovered that the jar of peanut butter in my refrigerator  had a small so far unseen disclaimer on its label saying; “May contain traces of nuts” It really made me think of what kind of crazy world we live in… having to make … Continue reading

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Keep your goals to yourself!

I am certain we can all agree that it ain’t always easy reaching your goals! When you set a personal goal you usually get very exited about it, you wanna work on your goal to reach it as fast as … Continue reading

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