Download movie

Step 2:

Now you are going to learn how to download movies, its fast and its easy and there’s around 0,00001% risk of getting busted, in fact no-one has ever got busted for using this service.

The website we are going to use is:
it has a lot of ads and pop-up windows, but don’t worry i have used it for ages, its quick, fast, reliable and virus-free (and i am not using a MAC laptop)

So go to the website and use look around for the movie you want…
(hint: use the search box on right side to find it fast)
Be aware that this site doesn’t have every movie, but it has a lot, and it has a lot of good one’s!

When you find the movie you want to look at the name.. usually there are more posts of each movie, that is because each version is of different quality.

Here is a list of how the different qualities are (in order from worst to best):

Cam: Very poor quality, recorded in cinema on a camcorder, not worth watching!

TS (telescreener): Fairly poor quality, this is usually very new releases, often movies that has yet to be released on DVD officially. If you really want to see the movie and TS is the best quality available, it is viewable.

aXXo: dvd-quality, the quality is close to equal to DVDR, R5 & DVDRIP.

DVDR: Stay away from those, they are DVD quality, but the menu’s and special features is a part of the package so the size is enormous.. You also need to burn them to a DVD disk or mount them virtually to view them, not worth the extra work (my opinion).

DVDRIP: Quality is equal to DVDR, but the size is way smaller and you can watch them easily on your computer, no need for mounting or burning.

R5: Equal  to DVDRIP, same shi* different uploader..

BRRIP/BDRIP: Quality slightly better than DVDRIP etc… about same size..

BlueRay: This it it! The best downloadable quality on the World Wide Web, it you want HD definition and don’t care about download time or the size it takes up on your harddisk go for this one. But be aware, your PC/MAC needs to have some specifications in order to playback these.. most dual core computers will be able to play 720p BlueRay, but in order to play the 1080p you need to have a pretty decent laptop.. My own opinion is that BlueRay is only worth the extra work if you have a flatscreen to connect your laptop to, but if you do that.. damn the picture is sharp!

Now you need to find the quality that suits you…
Now you will notice a number of red words/names under the poster of your movie, those are called hosts…
The hosts are the one’s who provide our free download. I prefer to use either Megaupload or Gigasize because they are the fastest. When you click the links there will open a pop-up window, don’t close it! It wont look like Megaupload or Gigasize, that is because oneclickmoviez redirects you through a site before reaching the actual host (something about legal issues for the first pop-up you have to wait 5 seconds before you can press a red “download” button.. this wont make the movie download, not yet. Now you have reached Megaupload (or Gigasize).. Now you need to type in 4 in-case letters to prove you are a human being, thereafter you wait 45 (or 60 seconds, if you’re using Gigasize) and BINGO, your download is ready!

The download shouldn’t be taking long, for me it’s usually around 10-15 minutes, but it depends on your connection and the load on the providers servers.

If you want to download subtitles, press the following button…

/Anton B. Zeuthen

Disclaimer: Have in mind that i can’t be held responsible for any lawsuits, fine etc. you will get for getting busted downloading. I neither link to any illegal websites. Note that these services should strictly be used for movies of which you already own a legal and bought copy!


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  1. Eve says:

    Haljllueah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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