Learn to add subtitles

Well then…

This step will teach you how to add subtitles to your movie.

Its pretty straightforward.

1) Go to http://subscene.com/.

2) Search for the original title of your movie.

3) When you have located it on subscene, you need to find your language and the right version of the subtitles.. The language is the first in the name of the subtitle, the “version” (like told you in the download movie guide, e.g. aXXo or DVDRIP) is usually in the end of the subtitle e.g. English Iron.Man.2.dvdrip-prevail.
Language with blue, version with red…

It is that simple..

3. Download and unpack the subtitle

4. Open your movie in VLC-Player

5. Press video —> subtitles –> open file.. in the pop-up window find the subtitle file and open it..

The end: You’re now good to go, enjoy the movie! (If the subtitle isn’t in sync you have either chosen the wrong version of it, or you have been unfortunate and hit a bad subtitle uploaded by freaks, try another one and hope for the best)

/Anton B. Zeuthen


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