Morning dip in The Sound!

There’s nothing like a morning dip in the Danish ocean.
Even though the water is only 10° Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) it is amazing!
Actually the cold is what makes it special, at 5:45 am in the morning you go from dead tired to wide awake in under a second.
When first you’ve pulled yourself together and jumped in it isn’t even cold anymore.. it is like your body is paralyzed but not in an uncomfortable way.
The arousing sensation is so life-affirming that i’ll bet you will find yourself in a
high-on-life state of mind all day!

So i recommend you to grab your bathing trunks and towel and head to the beach just before sunrise… but be aware, when you’ve tried it once it easily becomes an addiction!

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These pictures are taken at sunrise by The Sound in Denmark (sorry for the poor quality but i shot them with my cellphone, next time ill be sure to bring a camera in order to capture the moment properly)

/Anton Blinkenberg Zeuthen

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Keep your goals to yourself!

I am certain we can all agree that it ain’t always easy reaching your goals!

When you set a personal goal you usually get very exited about it, you wanna work on your goal to reach it as fast as possible. Another tendency we have is that we often share our goal with our friends of family, maybe because we are so exited about it, maybe because we expect that they will help us keep us on the right track and help us reach our it… Next time; don’t… Keep your goals to yourself!
Recent studies have shown that the more you tell your fellow human beings about your personal goals, the less likely you are to reach them..
I do it myself.. every time i have set a goal i instantly want to tell my closest friends and family about it. Usually i don’t reach them at all – a good example is my history of blogging.. over the past 6-8 months i have tried to start a blog about 5-6 times, every time until now i haven’t succeeded. I have been way to busy telling people about my great plans, expectations and goals for my blog. The problem about talking that much about your goals is that the more you talk about them, the more convinced your mind get that you are close to reach them, even though you’re not, you have just blabbered away about them!

Before i stumbled across i wasn’t aware the fact that the more you talk about them, the farther away you get from reaching them.
When i saw the following video and got attentive about what happened in my mind when setting a goal, i decided to make an experiment; i finally pulled my self together and started this blog, determined on keeping it updated and keeping it to myself!
So far i have kept this project to myself and talked to no-one about it, it is my intention to do so until the blog is up and running and i have gotten some experience blogging frequently.

What do you think?

/Anton B. Zeuthen


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